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MLA 2019 (Get ready Chicago...)

Today I leave for Chicago to take part in the annual MLA conference.For those not in the know, MLA is part of the annual migratory pattern for literature scholars.Not everyone attends, but a lot of people do, and the sense of obligation that surrounds it is both exciting and unmercifully stressful.It’s something academics both dread and look forward to—we anticipate and hesitate, take a deep breath and dive in. This year, I’m participating in two sessions.One is a roundtable that I organized, informed by my dissertation research.It’s titled “Unthinkable Presents: Modernism’s Science Fictions.”I won’t go too much into the topic, but it suffices to say that modernism and science fiction are two literary modes that haven’t been adequately addressed alongside one another, although critics are doing more about this all the time.My own research focuses on science-fictional imagery and ideas in late modernist writing, organized around the emerging midcentury field of cybernetics; so I look pr…

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